Please keep in touch

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The phrases "keep in touch" or "stay in touch" originate from 18th century marching drills, where soldiers needed to stay close enough to touch shoulders with their companions in order to maintain formations. . . .

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You are diligent, determined, and have an incredible work ethic.

Thanks again and keep in touch.

If someone tells another person to “keep in touch,” it means that he or she wants the other person to stay in contact.

This is a friendly, upbeat way to close an email.

If a person tell you to keep in touch, you must have been discussing something earlier.

Add a comment. 3k 16 127 225. I’m looking forward to your reply. 」にあたる締めの言葉をご紹介します。.

I’m looking forward to your reply. . And "Keeping in" means "continuing to be" or "staying.

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4) Congratulate them after a promotion/event.

" So "keep on" means "continue," here. 」や「I'm looking.

How do we say naturally that we want to keep in touch continuously. .


Adjust the sentence to "Please keep on keeping in touch with us. May | 5.



And "Keeping in" means "continuing to be" or "staying. " So "keep on" means "continue," here. We can keep in touch by e-mail, by postal mail, by phone. Mi prima Andrea se mantuvo en contacto enviándonos paquetes desde Sudamérica.

in touch (with someone) definition: 1. . Keeping in touch with various contacts is an important networking skill, but it requires time and attention. 3.


in touch (with someone) definition: 1. . As a reminder, the four approaches are: Congratulations.